Strontium diibuprofenate dihydrate, strontium malonate sesquihydrate, strontium diascorbate dihydrate and strontium 2-oxidobenzoate hydrate at 120 K

Kenny Stahl, Jens E.T. Andersen, Stephan Christgau

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Four strontium(II) salts with organic acids have been studied. Poly[diaquadi-μ-ibuprofenato-strontium(II)] or poly[diaquabis[μ-2-(4- isobutylphenyl)propionato]strontium(II)], [Sr(C13-H 17O2)2(H2O)2] n, crystallizes with eight-coordinated Sr atoms. The coordination polyhedra are interconnected by edge-sharing to form chains. The Sr coordination chains are packed into layers, which are stacked by van der Waals interactions. Poly[μ-aqua-diaquadi-μ-malonato-distrontium(II)], [Sr2(C 3-H2O4)2(H2O) 3]n, crystallizes with nine-coordinated Sr atoms three-dimensionally interconnected into a framework structure. One of the two crystallographically independent water molecules is located on a twofold axial site, catena-Poly[[diaqua(ascorbato)strontium(II)]-μ-ascorbato], [Sr(C 6-H7O6)2(H2O) 2]n, crystallizes with isolated eight-coordinated Sr polyhedra. One of the ascorbate ligands bridges two Sr atoms, forming zigzag polyhedral ascorbate chains. These chains are tied together by a three-dimensional hydrogen-bonding network. Poly[aqua-μ-2-oxidobenzoato- strontium(II)], [Sr(C7H4O3)(H 2O)]2, crystallizes with eight-coordinated Sr atoms. The polyhedra are interconnected by face- and edge-sharing into layers. These layers are stacked by van der Waals forces between the protruding 2-oxidobenzoate ligands.

Original languageEnglish
JournalActa Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 1 2006


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