Smart internet of things devices and applications specific

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Due to the advances in technology, growth of IoT, and the numerous advantages that come with having connected devices, almost any device can be made into a smart IoT device, even a simple day-to-day home appliance. Limitations of what can be made into a smart IoT device are based on the cost and practicality of the device. Examples of smart IoT devices that can be found in a building include smart light bulbs, smart kettles, smart switches, smart refrigerators, and many more. In this chapter, we report on the design and implementation of smart IoT devices and applications through the solving of an example problem of adding security and access control to a building's main electricity. Through this chapter, one will become familiar with the design process of making smart IoT devices. Each section in this chapter shows the methods and procedures undertaken to design the smart IoT devices used to solve the given example problem. This includes the problem definition, aim, and objectives. Also, the system structure, hardware design, and software design.

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Title of host publicationGreen Internet of Things Sensor Networks
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