Photochemical decoration of magnetic composites with silver nanostructures for determination of creatinine in urine by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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In this study, silver nanostructures decorated magnetic nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) measurements were prepared via photoreduction utilizing the catalytic activity of ZnO nanostructure. The ZnO/Fe3O4 composite was first prepared by dispersing pre-formed magnetic nanoparticles into alkaline zinc nitrate solutions. After annealing of the precipitates, the formed ZnO/Fe3O4 composites were successfully decorated with silver nanostructures by soaking the composites into silver nitrate/ethylene glycol solution following UV irradiations. To find the optimal condition when preparing Ag@ZnO/Fe 3O4 composites for SERS measurements, factors such as the reaction conditions, photoreduction time, concentration of zinc nitrate and silver nitrate were studied. Results indicated that the photoreduction efficiency was significantly improved with the assistance of ZnO but the amount of ZnO in the composite is not critical. The concentration of silver nitrate and UV irradiation time affected the morphologies of the formed composites and optimal condition in preparation of the composites for SERS measurement was found using 20 mM of silver nitrate with an irradiation time of 90 min. Under the optimized condition, the obtained SERS intensities were highly reproducible with a SERS enhancement factor in the order of 7. Quantitative analyses showed that a linear range up to 1 μM with a detection limit lower than 0.1 μM in the detection of creatinine in aqueous solution could be obtained. Successful applying of these prepared composites to determine creatinine in urine sample was obtained.

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