Mineral Based Industries in Mizoram : An Appraisal

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The present paper aims to evaluate the potential of mineral based industries in Mizoram and work out the best possibility of mineral based industrial growth.Mineral wealth is controlled by the geotectonic framework. Geologically, Mizoram is a part of Assam-Arakan Basin, comprising of predominantly sedimentary rocks (Sandstones, Shales, and Limestones), belonging to Bhuban Formation of Surma Group of Late Oligocene to Early Miocene age. Mizoram has mineral resources like limestone, sandstone, clay, coal, petroleum, however not sufficient enough to put an impact of the national mineral map, till date. Mizoram accounts of less than 1% of the national mineral production. Major deposits of economic importance have not been reported so far in the State. No mineral production (except minor minerals) was reported from Mizoram during 2010-11. Occurrence of Sandstone, Limestone, Shale, Clay, Coal (Peat & Lignite) and pyrites are reported from the State. Further, a strong possibility of uranium mineralization, lies in the State, but it has yet to be explored thoroughly. The value of mineral production in the state, was Rs. 63 Lakh for the year 2010-11. Mizoram falls under category number one or proven commercial oil productivity zone which roughly estimates about 170 million metric tons of untapped crude reserves. Recently, ONGC has confirmed the presence of Petroleum at Bilkhawthlir (Kolasib District) and ONGC has already started the exploration operation in the Meidum village of Kolasib District. "Economic Boom" is expected through the successful oil exploration in Mizoram. The state is devoid of any major mineral based industries. Only unorganized "Mining and Quarries" exist in the state and the contribution of this sector in the state's NSDP is only Rs.0.45 Lakh, till January,2013. On the basis of current availability of workable deposits of Sandstone, Limestone,Shale,Clay and Minor coal deposits- Cement, Pottery, Sandstone and Tile manufacturing units can be developed. In the next decade, subject to the realization of full fledged crude oil production, the state can go for establishment of polymer, plastic and paint industries.However, the major lacunae such as - 100 % lack of all necessary raw materials, high cost of transportation, poor market-connectivity, power supply shortage, unavailability of skilled manpower etc need to be overcome, in order to create a healthy industry friendly environment.
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Title of host publicationDevelopment Perspective in North East India
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