Biomass torrefaction as an emerging technology to aid in energy production

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Biomass torrefaction has gained widespread attention due to its benefits as a standalone process to improve biomass properties to be at par or similar to those for coal in electricity generation or as a pretreatment step before pyrolysis and gasification processes. It has also found application in other processes like steel production where it is aiming to replace coal or work alongside coal by co-firing the coal with biomass at certain proportions. There have been a lot of papers on biomass torrefaction review, but this paper tried to look at a different angle to show other aspects of torrefaction and how it links to other technologies as well as the chemistry behind it. Overall, the process has seen a big shift in the technology it utilizes, and the hope is that it will make the process more viable and applicable in future. The focus starts from the raw biomass, how it is analysed and the different analysis that are performed to determine relevant information about biomass properties. There are different reactors that are used but to date there is not a preferred one as they have their pros and cons. However, the focus mostly is the process not which reactor to use as they have all not shown any significant differences. The main product of the process, torrefied biomass determines the efficiency and how it can be applied to other technologies. To date, biomass torrefaction is for co-firing with coal for energy generation and as a pretreatment step for pyrolysis and gasification. Due to varying types of biomass in different countries, the technology has not yet reached its full potential, but the hope is it will with calls for use of renewable sources of energy. Other areas like modelling torrefaction of biomass have not been looked at in this review. However, the paper sets the foundations for such detailed reviews.
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