Nano-materials for Energy, Environmental and Water Systems

Organization profile

Organisation profile

Nanomaterials for Energy, Environment and Water Systems (NEEWS) Research Group
The Nanomaterials for Energy, Environment and Water Systems (NEEWS) Research Group is
composed of scientists in inter-disciplinary areas of microbiology, nanotechnology,
bioengineering, biophysics, materials science, chemistry, industrial and material science
engineering. There are 7 researchers drawn from the Depts. of Biology, Chemical and Forensic
Sciences, and Physics.
Our vision is to strengthen multidisciplinary research in BIUST and to eventually bring about
the research advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Our mission is to promote
nanotechnology/nanoscience for development of new methods/technologies. Moreover, to
showcase nanoscience applications in the physics, chemistry, and life sciences nexus. Lastly,
the goal is to enable the fabrication of innovative products in the application fields of
electronics, energy efficient lighting, photovoltaic and photothermal energy conversion and
storage, water purification and treatment, energy efficient windows, food preservation and
packaging, antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal gels
Being leaders in their research niches, each member has come up with a project that will draw
participation from the whole group. The research outputs from the group will also help to
achieve the goals of the current BIUST research focus areas of New Frontiers in science, and
Innovative technological products and services for economic development, which is in line
with the Vision 2030. The group is currently exploring opportunities for external funding.

Organisation profile

The Applied Nuclear Science and Technology (ANST) Group focuses on the development and application of nuclear methods, techniques, models, and technologies to address multidisciplinary problems in Science and Engineering, as well as the subsequent development of products and services emanating from this basic and applied research.

The ANST Group consists of the following sub-groups:

  1. Applied Nuclear Physics and Technology (Leader: Dr Kureba)
  2. Applied Radiobiology (Dr Nkwe)
  3. Applied Radiochemistry (Leader: Dr Batlokwa)
  4. Applied Nuclear Earth and Environmental Sciences (Leader: Prof Molwalefhe)
  5. Applied Nuclear Engineering and Technology (Leader: Dr Tjiparuro)